Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 Electronic Measuring Package



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Car-O-Liner's Vision2 electronic measuring system provides automatic centering, measuring and documentation. The Vision2 X3 Vision Measuring Package includes: M90 Vision Measuring Slide (200-34572), Vision2 X3 Software (200-46695), Car-O-Data DVD Update (200-35604), M81 Vision Cabinet flat pack (200-36481), M62 COT Measuring Parts (200-31259) and M741 Battery Charger (200-33493).

Buy the Vision2 X3 package at regular price and select (1) Measuring Bridge for 1/2 OFF! Choose from 4m Bridge (200-39634), 5m Bridge (200-39635),6m Bridge (200-39636)



  • Measure upper and lower body points with 3D graphics and photos.
  • Measurements for over 16,000 vehicles globally.
  • The measuring slide communicates wirelessly three times per second, no targets, sensors or lasers to mess with. The slide is not affected by noise, wind or sun.
  • The portable protective cabinet for PC, monitor and printer also stores the measuring slide, measuring parts and high point adapter.
  • Compatible with nearly any frame system.



200-39634 MEASURING BRIDGE 4M $1,214.00 Add to cart
200-39635 MEASURING BRIDGE 5M $1,410.00 Add to cart
200-39636 MEASURING BRIDGE 6M $1,654.00 Add to cart



200-34730 Measuring Bridge Support M722 $330.00 Add to cart