Double-Wall Oil Storage Tank - 165 gallon, UL Listed



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A UL Listed double-wall storage tank for any Class II or Class IIIa & IIIb combustible liquids. This includes motor oil, waste oil, transmission fluid, ethylene/propylene glycol based anti-freezes. The outer tank is galvanized steel that can hold 110% of the primary tank, the inner/primary tank is blow-molded, high-density seamless polyethylene. Each tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultra-sound and pressure testing, to ensure optimal thickness and sealing.



  • Certified to UL SU2258
  • Leak-proof and will not corrode.
  • 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks
  • Can be used for motor oil, ATF, diesel and anti-freeze
  • Compact economical design 29” L x 28” W x 61” H; weight - 132 lbs.
  • 30-year limited warranty. Lifetime warranty against corrosion of inner poly tank.
  • Four bung openings on top of tank.
  • Local authorities should be consulted to confirm compliance with local environmental, building and fire codes prior to product installation and use.



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