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Smoke Pro® Portable Leak Detector


Eliminate comebacks, minimize buybacks, and reduce warranty claims with the Portable Leak Detector, the complete diagnostic solution.

By drastically reducing diagnostic time, the Portable Leak Detector saves time and makes more money.

Quickly and easily detect, measure, and locate a variety of leaks: EVAP, intake, vacuum, oil, exhaust, wind and water, throttle body, brake boosters, manifolds, EGR valves, gaskets, fittings, hoses, lines, seals, and more.

Includes every accessory needed to perform diagnostics: halogen inspection light, cap plug kit, standard cone adapter, XL cone adapter, OEM-approved smoke agent, EVAP service port adapter and Schrader valve removal tool, EasyEVAP™ universal filler neck connector, CapAdapt™ capless fuel neck adapter, sealing disks, and plastic storage.


  • Onboard micro-compressor eliminates the need for air lines and gas tanks.
  • Quickly measures leaks as small as 0.010".
  • Compact, lightweight design (10 lbs.).
  • Dual operating modes: Smoke and air-only.
  • Decay/leak-down testing verifies repairs are 100% complete.
  • Easy-to-Use: Diagnose an entire system using one button and one knob in a single test
  • No glow plug. No nitrogen required.
  • Smoke agent contains no dye/contaminants.

Weight approx. (lbs) 10
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 12 V DC
Dimensions (L x W x H) (inch) 8 x 10 x 13


Extra Large Exhaust Cone
Plastic Accessory Kit
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EVAP Service Port Adapter Set
Exhaust Cone
Cap Plug
Halogen Inspection Light
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Smoke Producing Fluid

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