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Battery Charger/Maintainer


The Midtronics PSC-550S is a constant voltage power supply rated at a maximum of 55 Amperes while regulating the voltage to 13.6. The use of this external power supply will prevent overvoltage during Software Downloads and diagnostic fault tracing. The uninterrupted, filtered and constant voltage supplied by the Midtronics PSC-550S is critical to ensuring successful software downloads. The Midtronics PSC-550S Vehicle Power Supply will maintain system stability and will not exceed 13.6V during operation.


  • Fully automatic, regulated DC output prevents overcharging of battery while charging in vehicle saving valuable time.
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection for added safety.
  • Brown-Out Input Protection.
  • Over-Current Protection-cycle-by-cycle peak limiting as well as rated current limiting to maximize the life of the converter.
  • Over-Temperature Protection.
  • "Proportional" fan control circuit enables the fan to turn on and off very slowly, minimizing unwanted fan noise.
  • Carrying case included.

Replacement 6’ Cable/Clamp Set

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