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Four Steps to Expert Service Equipment & Systems Planning at No Cost to You!


Detailed CAD Drawing
Includes detailed equipment and systems layout in service area as well as a lighting plan including photo metric data.

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Equipment & Systems Needs Assessment
Key project document detailing contact information, target launch/phase dates, building requirements and recommended shop equipment to enhance fixed operations.






Detailed Specifications
& Budget

Includes detailed specifications for all major equipment called out in the Needs Assessment. Also includes a preliminary equipment & systems budget.

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Project Coordination
& Support

Single point of contact for service equipment and installation.


Most architects and contractors don’t understand the needs of a service facility – Volvo Dealer Equipment does!

Volvo Equipment and Systems Planning team members know service areas need to be set up to provide an optimal flow of people, equipment and vehicles into and out of the area. Because of the close partnership with the OEM, we know the Volvo-approved equipment – where to place it for the best usage and work flow throughout the shop and how to get it installed. We are the experts!

Let our experts make sure your facility:
• Accommodates Future Vehicles
• Ensures Layout Efficiency
• Maximizes Shop Throughput

Call today to speak with an Equipment & Systems Planning Specialist!

Click here to download a pdf of our current Facility Planning advertisement.


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